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Frequently Asked Questions

What is translatorsbase.com?
Translatorsbase.com was created for translation clients, translators and translation agencies. Translatorsbase.com matches all types of language professionals with the companies and individuals who need their skills.
Why should I use translatorsbase.com?
Translatorsbase.com may be used free of charge by individuals and companies looking for professional translators and translation agencies. Translatorsbase.com contains large and growing list of resumes of translators from around the world. Resumes of translators and agencies may be viewed in many different languages. We help translators and agencies to reach clients from all over the world regardless of the language they speak and understand. Anyone may create projects at Translatorsbase.com free of charge. All projects may be posted and viewed in different languages.
What does it mean to be a Full Member?
In order to apply for a project you need to be a Full Member. As a Full Member, your contact information will always be available to visitors of Translatorsbase.com, and you will be able to submit a bid for each of listed projects you are interested in directly from your account. You will be always notified about new projects matching your criteria (you will be receiving emails to your regular mail box- this is an optional feature).Your resume will be available to clients and translation agencies in 8 different languages. This increases your chances of getting projects not only from the United States but also from all over the world.
Additionally, clients can send messages to your INBOX (you will be notified about a new email from a client by a regular email box). All these emails are monitored by us to avoid Spam and false requests for services. As a full member you will receive emails with the actual message to your regular email address and you will also be able to reference this email in your Inbox where you can keep track of clients who have contacted you.
You negotiate payment for the job with the job and project posters. You must
contact project posters directly about the project and agree upon a payment
method. We do not get involved in the final contracts between translators
and job posters.

Is your payment system secure?
We take all security measures to guarantee your personal information is secure and our websites use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) when transmitting all sensitive personal information.
How can I collect payment from my clients?
We recommend using PayPal system to collect payments from clients. This system is usually used by translators. You negotiate and agree upon payment method with project outsourcers. You must directly contact project outsourcers about the project and agree upon the payment method.
How do you determine the order of translators presented in the search?
The search engine takes the following factors into account when showing the results: type of membership (full members show higher in the results), user feedback rating, date of becoming a member, number of free translations completed and the popularity count.
Why my name does not appear on the translators’ list?
In order to be listed on Translators’ List you must specify your language combinations on your Resume. In order to add new languages to your Resume go to My Profile > Languages > click on “Add New” and follow steps.
How can I stop receiving email notifications?
You can stop receiving email notifications by clicking on My Profile > Edit and selecting New Projects Notification: “Disabled” using drop down menu under Email Notifications section.
Why do I not receive email notifications regarding projects?
Email notifications regarding projects are sent when posters confirm their projects otherwise the translator is not informed about any new projects on our website.