Referral Program referral program allows you to create additional revenue stream by creating articles on or by placing a link on your website to You will be paid each time a project created on which originated from your article or your website.

You will receive $10 for each project created and posted on our website.

There is no charge to join our referral program. Here are the instructions on how to start earning money via our referral program:

For referring users to create translation projects on our website place the following html code on your web site :

In order to see the html code you need to be logged to your account. Please, Click here to logon.

To refer users by creating articles on, click here to add a new article.

You will be paid once a month via for the referrals. Paypal account is required to participate in the program. The minimum balance of $40 dollars is required for the payment. You can keep track of all your referrals directly from your account. Click on “My Referrals” to see your referral history. Click on “My Earnings” to see the payment history for your referrals.