This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Book translation

Small publisher searches translator for a translation of a thriller, 8500 lines.

The english version of the novel has 8500 lines à 55 strokes.

Based on contractual provisions the translations have to be finished within 4 months.

The project stems from a small publisher, who is able to afford a maximal price per line (one line = 55 strokes) of € 0,50.
Unfortunately, quotations with a higher price per line will not be considered. Native speakers or translators with a lot of experience with translations of novels from English into german prefered.

If your price per line is lower than € 0,50, please make us an offer, and inform us how many pages you can translate per month. In addition we would like to know if it would be possible for you to make several translations for us.

Should we consider your offer, we would ask you to make a short probational translation.

Thank you in advance!
Status : Closed
Project ID : 116022
Project Type : None
Source Language : English
Target Language : German
Date Created : 06/07/2012
Due Date : 06/12/2012
Country : Not Defined
Area of expertise : Not Defined
Tools : Not Defined
Work Areas : Translation
Word Count : Not Defined
Delivery File Type : Not Defined
Only certified translators : No